Nevynxxx's CotCT


The sun shines brightly over a new day in Korvosa. In the gray, the dead sleep soundly in their graves. Tended by the priests of Pharasma. On the heights only servants move, tending to the needs of the Nobility. Servants tend to the deeply ill king, wondering how many days he has left. In old Korvosa revelers retire to their beds with fuzzy heads.

For a disparate group of people though, dawn brings a surprise. A single Harrow card is found by each of these otherwise ordinary people in places it could not have found itself anything but intentionally.

Borden Read finds one stuffed into his pocket as he exits a tavern.

Askan Rhodes opens his eyes from his morning contemplation to find a card sat directly in his vision.

Alex Stride finds a card sat by his bed when he awakes.

Lazlo the Vigilante turns from his work on a troublesome lock to find a card at the bottom of his toolbox.

But Kazandru has the strangest experience. He breaks his morning bread to find the card baked into the middle of the loaf!

Each and every card bears the same message on the back: handout one



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