Borden Read

A man's man


Scruffy is a good word to use to describe Borden. He stands a broad shouldered 5’11 with some good heavy muscle tone under a layer of belly fat. He is typically ill shaven (though he has a local barber do the job every 3 or 4 days). His hair is worn long and a bit on the shaggy side.

He is loud and brash but possessed of a roguish charm. The twinkle in his eye and his confidence has been the downfall of many a woman’s inhibitions.

Borden is a man’s man. He is honest about his dishonesty and unapologetically open about his faults: Ale swiller, b&&%#~ artist, whore monger and brawler. Oh, and add to that, ‘failed Pathfinder’, ‘treasure hunter’ and ‘tomb robber’. He’ll drink with any man that will buy a round in return and fight any man that gives him cause.

He is exactly the sort of foreign expat that is frowned on in most cities – loud, disrespectful of the local ‘superstitions’ (though he is unfailingly polite to anyone who can help him) and with no regard at all for historical claims of ownership when it comes to antiquities.


Borden Read

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