Nevynxxx's CotCT

Notes to Self
Quick jottings by Erik Copper

[Written hastily on the first page of a ratty notebook.]

Hanging around Devargo’s floating shipwreck of a hell hole has paid off. I’m in with a good crew, looks like, nice enough folks who are intent on mysterious ends that I’ve yet to sound. Borden, Rojerick, Gwen, and Basil. They’ve got their sights on the Ambassador of Cheliax, who apparently is a rotten codger up to no good. They need dirt on him, hence their coming to Devargo’s, and my taking the opportunity to join up with them! Though doing so earned me a beat down from Gwen. I’ll explain more later. Back at some old house, all abandoned. We’re planning to head back to Devargo’s to give him the what not. I’m both scared and excited. Devargo needs taking care of, but we’re literally walking back into the spider’s parlor…

The drinking stories of Borden Read... pt19
Turns out we were working for a ghost!

In Absolom we know that revenge is a dish that goes down well hot or cold! There was this old bastard called ‘Lamm’ – used to control the Shiver sold round here.

Yep I said it – ‘Was’. He ain’t round no more.

I had a big night and was feeling my pockets for some coins to cover the price of the hair of the dog when I found a harrow card, and an invitation to meet for a bit of pay back. Must have been a hell of a pickpocket who did the deed you’d think right? I sure didn’t feel it and they didn’t boost any of my money.

Anyways I mosey up to an old property… neer you mind where you cheeky bugger, and found that I had a ready made crew – all of them had been done dirt, including this old harrower biddy who had apparently got the word to us all.Didn’t take many words to get us interested and we set out to help Lamm shuffle off. He was into all sorts of things includin’ the sale of kiddies or using them as his own mob o’ pick pockets so no one be givin me the odd looks. Cayden himself doesn’t put up with that shit!

Long story short involving me givin’ a giant cayman its deathblow with me spear, Lamm took a swim in chummed waters.

Anyways Lamm turned out to have a few odds and bods. One of which was this box. Lots o’ flies around it too – you’d think someone had gift wrapped a turd. Anyways we open it. Cayden strike me mute if I lie now – So theres this head…. in the sodding box!

Turns out its damn head of the woman who signed us on to work Lamm over and pay him back in his own coin. Turns out we were working for a ghost!

We hightail it back to the place we started and find it dusty and deserted while riots are breaking out all around cause the king had kicked the bucket! Then this ghost shows up and tells us to do the right thing…

Buggered if I knew then what that would turn out to be and had I known? Hells, maybe I’d have fed myself to the sharks – would have been kinder.


The sun shines brightly over a new day in Korvosa. In the gray, the dead sleep soundly in their graves. Tended by the priests of Pharasma. On the heights only servants move, tending to the needs of the Nobility. Servants tend to the deeply ill king, wondering how many days he has left. In old Korvosa revelers retire to their beds with fuzzy heads.

For a disparate group of people though, dawn brings a surprise. A single Harrow card is found by each of these otherwise ordinary people in places it could not have found itself anything but intentionally.

Borden Read finds one stuffed into his pocket as he exits a tavern.

Askan Rhodes opens his eyes from his morning contemplation to find a card sat directly in his vision.

Alex Stride finds a card sat by his bed when he awakes.

Lazlo the Vigilante turns from his work on a troublesome lock to find a card at the bottom of his toolbox.

But Kazandru has the strangest experience. He breaks his morning bread to find the card baked into the middle of the loaf!

Each and every card bears the same message on the back: handout one

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