Nevynxxx's CotCT

Notes to Self

Quick jottings by Erik Copper

[Written hastily on the first page of a ratty notebook.]

Hanging around Devargo’s floating shipwreck of a hell hole has paid off. I’m in with a good crew, looks like, nice enough folks who are intent on mysterious ends that I’ve yet to sound. Borden, Rojerick, Gwen, and Basil. They’ve got their sights on the Ambassador of Cheliax, who apparently is a rotten codger up to no good. They need dirt on him, hence their coming to Devargo’s, and my taking the opportunity to join up with them! Though doing so earned me a beat down from Gwen. I’ll explain more later. Back at some old house, all abandoned. We’re planning to head back to Devargo’s to give him the what not. I’m both scared and excited. Devargo needs taking care of, but we’re literally walking back into the spider’s parlor…