Item Value (GP) Notes
a narrow teak cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade 25 Sold
a 2-pound gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coat of arms 80 Sold
a miniature gold crown 420 Sold
a fist-sized crimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes 160 Sold
a silver ring worth bearing the inscription “For Emmah—the light in my nights” 150 Sold
a highly realistic and highly scandalous ivory figurine of two entwined succubi 360 Sold
a masterwork shuriken 2
an adamantine arrowhead 48
an abalone-shell holy symbol of Shelyn 300 Sold
a tiny glass tube containing a dose of oil of keen edge Roj
an obsidian wand of Magic Missile Eric
a crystalline vial containing a dose of silversheen 50 Sold
and a bejeweled brooch with a broken clasp 1200 Returned to the Queen
Zellera’s Harrow Deck Gwen has this
Purse with 5pp from Noble 50
Sale of items 1,300 Stuff sold to Rilka
small silver chest from the Queen Contains The ingots below
12 Gold Ingots, worth 100GP Each 1200
Cow Hammer Boys 80
450 gp, 740 sp and an assortment of gem stones 524+750
Silver Dagger Sold
Change from Devargo’s Bribe 400
Reward for letters 500
Reward for saving Trin 500
Otyugh – Amber Necklace Sold
Silver dagger Sold
Wax sealed vial in metal flask containing elixir of vision Sold
Library, collection of books Kept available
Two scrolls Given to Eric
Vreeg – Gear
Wand of ghoul touch Eric
5 doses of blue whinnis Sold
MW Dagger Sold
Robe made of bones Sold
Ring of protection +1 Gwen
Reward for finding Gaekhen’s body 1,000

Treasure Total Value so far: 18,000 + 2.5k each => 35k total
Slush Fund Total: 300

Slush fund:

Item Value (GP) Notes
Opening Balance -284
Wand CLW 284 20 Charges
150 GP 150
Share of Devargo’s loot 150


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